Warehousing & Distribution

Our warehousing and distribution management comprises storing products in a warehouse while offering services such as shelf-life maintenance, product mixing, packaging, cross-docking, bar-code scanning, order-fulfilment and other ancillary customer services. As per demand and specific characteristics, products are stored in different types of warehouses such as climate-controlled, ambient, automated, fulfilment centres and distribution centres.

We are currently catering to FMCG, industrial and automotive industries with our warehousing management, last mile delivery and in-plant logistics services with the support of intra-facility automation backed up by our advanced in-house WMS software and tools. We also provide value-added services such as kitting, labelling, bundling, unit cartonisation and packaging solutions, depending on customer requirements.

We improve the accuracy and volume of throughput by providing emphasis to the layout for value-added services within our distribution centres. We design the warehouse layout, the level of technology and automation required, and the processes based on the variety and volume of goods being processed. These services are summarised as follows:

  • Kitting, bundling and promotional packaging: The process of separating the goods individually and grouping the related items, packaging, and supplying them together as a single unit;
  • Unit cartonisation: Repackaging of bulk orders for selling to the end consumers;
  • Packaging solutions: Customising packaging solutions as per products’ need, including unit sizes, special coverings and protections required, weight carrying capacities and styling and aesthetics;
  • Reverse logistics: Facilitating the transport of damaged and returned inventory to our distribution centres for repackaging and ultimate transportation of such goods to end locations.